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  • Happy Thanksgiving
  • We at SilverRack would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. There is a lot to be thankful for, we hope everyone enjoys their turkey. P.S. New another VPS? Use discount code 'turkey' for $10.00 off when you sign up.
  • Posted 11:44am 24-Nov-2011 by dallin
  • New Data Center
  • We are pleased to announce that we have completed our move into a new data center. The new Tier 3 datacenter includes 36" raised floors, N + 1 redundant infrastructure, a redundant multi-carrier network, SSAE 16 Type 2, HIPAA, PCI Compliant, 24x7 sercurity and video surveillance, and Gb ports.
  • Posted 2:40am 20-Nov-2011 by dallin
  • SilverRack Welcomes 2 New Team Members

  • Hi -

    I'd like to take this opportunity and update you on a couple of things happening around SilverRack. First, I'd like to thank all of you who participated in the customer survey a few weeks ago. We've reviewed the feedback and I'm sure you'll see some of the suggestions implemented in the near future. I'd also like to thank you all for the kind words about the quality of our service. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Second, I'd like to introduce you to two new members of the SilverRack team. First up is Adam. Adam is a long time friend and advisor of mine. He was involved in the founding of SilverRack and helped develop the system infrastructure that is used today. He has configured server and network infrastructure in multiple data centers, and managed private environments consisting of approximately 100 Linux servers, many of which are virtualized. Additionally, Adam manages software services related to secure server access, web traffic control and inspection, and task management.

    Next up is Dallin. Dallin has been setting up and managing hosting environments since 1999. His specialties vary from web development, to server deployment. He has set up several automatic deployment environments for setting up and configuring servers both virtual and physical.

    We're excited to have Adam and Dallin on board. Please take a moment to welcome them.

    As always, please email us if you have any questions or comments. Have a warm and safe Holiday season.


    Dave Stevenson

    p.s. Need another VPS? Use discount code "vpsnow" for $5 off the monthly price of your next purchase.

  • Posted 4:09pm 30-Nov-2010 by dave
  • New Template - Centos 5.5
  • We just put online a new barebones Centos 5.5 template. New customers can choose the template during VPS creation. Existing customers can redo their VPSs by selecting 'Edit' from the control panel and then choosing the new template. Thanks!
  • Posted 3:34pm 18-May-2010 by dave
  • New Website
  • SilverRack is please to announce the redesign of their website. After two years of business using the same website, we figured it was time to spruce things up a little bit. We're pleased with the end result, and hope you are too. Please let us know if you run into any problems.

    In celebration of our new website, we're offering a discount code for $5 off the monthly price of any of our VPS please. Please use the discount code "website09" to receive your discount.

    As always, thank you for your business.

  • Posted 2:23pm 15-Dec-2009 by dave
  • New OS Template - Debian 5
  • We just enabled a new OS template - Debian 5. New VPSs can use this template at signup. Existing customers can reinstall their existing VPSs with this template from the 'Edit' menu choice in the control panel.
  • Posted 1:08pm 1-Sep-2009 by dave
  • More Memory for the Same Great Price!
  • Most people are down with the economy and recession, but not here at SilverRack. Life is great! We're hoping to make your life a little better by offering more memory for the same great price! Each of our plans has had more 50% more memory added - for no extra charge!

    This means that you can get an incredibly reliable and high performance Linux VPS, loaded with 384mb of RAM for only $20 per month. That's the most RAM per dollar that we've ever seen!

    We're also pleased to announce the availability of the huge 2gb of RAM plan. Loaded with 2048 of guaranteed RAM and 4096 of burstable memory, this puppy will take a beating. As always, all of our plans are hosted on top-notch SuperMicro servers with Intel XEON processors, backed by 3Ware RAID controllers for the up-most in performance and reliability.

  • Posted 8:10pm 24-Aug-2009 by dave
  • 2nd Anniversay
  • August is always a special time of month for SilverRack. It's when we celebrate our anniversary! We're also pleased when another year of business rolls by. This August marks our 2nd year that we've been providing affordable Linux VPS hosting.

    We'd like to thank all of our customers, past and present, for your business. Great customer's make running a business like SilverRack a joy to do. Here's to another fine year, and many more!

  • Posted 8:05pm 24-Aug-2009 by dave
  • New OS Template - Ubuntu 9.04
  • SilverRack is pleased to announce the availability of Ubuntu 9.04 as a new VPS OS choice. Like most of our other OS templates, this one is a lean and mean - no fluff. This lets you install only what you want.
    If you're an existing customer, you can choose this new template by editing any of your existing VPSs. However, be aware that changing your OS will destroy all the data on your current VPS.
    New customers can choose the Ubuntu 9.04 template at signup, and within minutes you'll have your brand new Ubuntu 9.04 based Virtual Private Server.
    To celebrate the new arrival, please use the discount code "ubuntu904" to receive $5 off your monthly hosting bill for the life of your account.
  • Posted 10:32pm 15-Aug-2009 by dave
  • Data Center Maintenance - 8/22/2009
  • On Saturday evening and Sunday morning the 1st and 2nd of August, 2009 from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM MST, SilverRack's data center has scheduled a maintenance window. During this three hour period, customers should expect to see service interruptions in Internet connectivity.

    ** Note: our data center did not perform the expected maintenance during this window and no downtime was experienced. The scheduled maintenance has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 22 at 11pm until Sunday, August 3 at 2am. **
  • Posted 6:20pm 26-Jul-2009 by dave
  • SilverRack Stimulus Program - Lower Prices
  • We're excited to announce that SilverRack is starting our own stimulus package for the hosting world. We're helping out by lowering the prices on our 512 and 1024 plans by $5 per month. That takes the 512 plan to $35 per month and the 1024 plan to $65.

    Good Luck to all in these tough economic times and Thank you for your business!
  • Posted 8:43pm 25-Mar-2009 by dave
  • PayPal Payments are Back
  • Just a quick word - we've brought back PayPal payments as a payment option. While PayPal isn't as flexible as using your credit card to pay for services, we realize that it is preferred by some customers. To use it, from the new Order page there is a link. Or go to

    To celebrate the return of PayPal, we're offering a $5 off discount code. Use "paypal" during signup and receive $5 off the monthly price of any VPS, for as long as you own the VPS.

  • Posted 8:34pm 18-Feb-2009 by dave
  • BETA: SilverRack API
  • We're pleased to announce that we have an API now available. The API is in BETA form. We've tested it, and we're fairly happy with it's functionality so far, but we may make changes as necessary.

    Documentation about it, with examples, can be found in the API Wiki entry

    We designed the API to be RESTFul and language-independent, while still giving it some ActiveResource capabilities. So, you can use straight 'curl' to interact with it through a script, or get fancy with ActiveResource as well. Input and Output can be XML or JSON.

    Please give it try and be sure and let us know if you have any problems or suggestions.

  • Posted 3:52pm 18-Dec-2008 by dave
  • Election Day - Special Discount
  • To recognize the importance of this day in the United States, we'd like to offer a special discount to new customers and existing customers that want to upgrade. Enter the code "ELECTION2008" and you'll receive $5 off the monthly price of any new VPS or upgrades, good for the entire length you own the VPS. This offer is good through the month of November 2008.

    Happy Voting!
  • Posted 11:01am 4-Nov-2008 by dave
  • Updates - IP Addresses and More
  • Just a couple of quick notes. We've continued to work on the control panel and have fixed some stability issues. In no particular order:
    1. The snapshots functionality has been strengthened, and it's error handling enhanced so that you're not left without a server if a snapshot doesn't complete successfully.
    2. The DNS servers have had to be jump-started on occasion to get new records read properly - this has been fixed now so that the servers will be updated immediately with new records.
    3. Redundant Server Monitoring. We've added a redundant, offsite Nagios server to backup our primary Nagios server. This will ensure that our servers continue to hum along and maintain exceptional uptime.
    4. Credit card processing has been going smoothly for the last couple of months. We've brought back additional IP addresses as well. You can add an additional IP address immediately to your VPS through the control panel. Additional IPs are only $4 per month.
    5. If you're currently on PayPal payments and would like to switch to credit card billing, please email support - we'd really like everyone to switch over, but no pressure :)

    If you have any questions or comments, please email support.
  • Posted 6:43pm 28-Oct-2008 by dave
  • New Servers and More
  • I wanted to post a quick note about a couple of things.

    First, we'd like to welcome two shiny new servers to the SilverRack family. In sticking with our naming convention (fast cars or vehicles), these two are named Cayenne and Scuderia. Both follow the same high quality hardware specs we strive for: 2x Quad Core Xeon 5410 2.33ghz CPUs, Kingston RAM, and 3Ware RAID-10 - all package in a tidy SuperMicro chassis.

    Second, I'd like to point out that we now offer credit card payments. PayPal served us well in the past, but their inflexibility was a pain (ever changed your credit card and had it cancel your subscription??). Our new credit card processing lets you be in control. We are using Braintree Payment Solutions for the processing, and relying on their secure vault for the storage of the credit card numbers. This keeps your data safe and away from prying eyes. For new customers, you'll signup using a credit card from the very beginning. For existing customers, if you'd like to convert over from PayPal, please add a credit card to your account from the control panel, and then email support. We'll take it from there.

    As always, thanks for your business.


  • Posted 2:12pm 17-Sep-2008 by dave
  • One Year Anniversary
  • SilverRack is pleased to announce that we've just passed our 1 Year Anniversary! It's been a great year - we couldn't have asked for anything more. We've got lots in the works for the next year, two of the biggies are:

    • Credit Card Payments - soon we'll ditch PayPal and switch over to credit card billing. This will give us and you much more flexibility in our billing. (08/24 - Credit Card Billing Now Live)
    • API - we've slowly but surely been working on our API. The API will allow you to manage your VPSs and DNS records from your own applications.(Beta API now Available)

    We'd like to give a big thanks out to all of our customers, past and present, that have helped us become a great VPS provider. To show our appreciation, and to keep the momentum building through the next year, we've added a discount code, "1year" that will take $10 off the monthly price of any of our VPS plans. The discount applies each month for as long as you own the VPS. This means you can get a great 512mb VPS for only $30 per month! The offer is good for new customers and any existing customers that wish to upgrade their VPSs.

    Thanks again, and here's to another great year!

  • Posted 8:57pm 17-Aug-2008 by dave
  • Survive Digg
  • A customer, John Anderson, emailed this the other day:

    "Hey, Just thought I'd say thanks for the great hosting. My blog has been on the front page of Digg twice now and SilverRack has handled it perfectly both times. And this is without me implementing any proper cacheing :P"

    John - awesome job getting on the front page of Digg (first article and second article)! And Thank You for the kind words. We're extremely pleased that SilverRack's hosting was up to the job.
  • Posted 8:48am 7-Jul-2008 by dave
  • Setup Merb, DataMapper, Nginx and More!
  • Aaron Qian has written a great blog post with step-by-step instructions on getting Merb, Nginx, DataMapper and a few other packages up and running on a SilverRack VPS. Check if out
  • Posted 5:37am 1-Jul-2008 by dave