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  • New Template - Debian 4 and Rails
  • We've just released a new OS Template - Debian 4.0 with Rails. This template should help speed up and ease your Ruby on Rails deployments. The template began as a base Debian 4 install, to which we installed Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, Apache 2.2, and MySQL 5. The Mongrel gem is also installed.
    For new customers, this OS template is available during signup (Debian 4 w/Rails). For existing customers, you can redo your existing VPSs by editing your VPS through the control panel and changing the OS option.
  • Posted 5:40am 24-Nov-2007 by dave
  • New Name - Stevenson Software is now SilverRack
  • Stevenson Software VPS Hosting has been running for a few months now, but I was never happy with the name. A lot of friends said it was too ego-centric to have my own name in the company name. I agreed... So, I've gone ahead and changed the name - Stevenson Software is now SilverRack. Nothing has changed - we're still here and humming along, providing great VPS hosting. Dave
  • Posted 6:29pm 15-Nov-2007 by dave
  • New Server
  • SilverRack is continuing to grow thanks to your business. We've had great success since opening our doors a few months ago. We're pleased announce a brand new server is available for new VPS customers. This one is named M3, after one of my favorite BMW cars. As always, we use only the best equipment. It's a great SuperMicro, Dual CPU Intel 5110 Xeon server with 8gb of RAM.
    If you signup for a VPS hosting account today, you'll be placed on this server.
    SilverRack is committed to providing you a fast and affordable VPS. Our other servers are kept underutilized, thus ensuring that you are guaranteed a great experience.
  • Posted 3:12pm 12-Nov-2007 by dave