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  • New Server - Bugatti
  • In keeping with our standard of using fast servers, we just brought online another screamer. This one is named Bugatti. It's a Dual Quad Core (8cores total) Intel Xeon 5405 2.0ghz machine.
    As always, our VPS plans have fair-share CPU usage with burst to the full CPU speed.
    See the Wiki for the latest Unixbench scores
  • Posted 6:07pm 28-Feb-2008 by dave
  • New VPS OS Template: Ubuntu 7.10
  • We did a quick upgrade of the virtualization platform that SilverRack runs on (OpenVZ), and this allowed us to offer an Ubuntu 7.10 template. It's now available as an OS template for your VPS. Like most of our templates, it's very minimal - so that you can install only the packages that you want. Let us know if you run into any issues.
  • Posted 3:31pm 25-Feb-2008 by dave
  • Unixbench Scores
  • I posted Unixbench scores from Medium plans (256mb RAM). Both tests were run on different servers - both of which are considered full. Check the Wiki entry here: Silverrack Unixbench Scores
  • Posted 12:29pm 16-Feb-2008 by dave
  • *BETA* - DNS Management
  • SilverRack is always looking to improve our services and continue to provide our customers with the best developer-friendly VPS Hosting solutions around. We're pleased to let you know that we're currently testing an addition to our control panel - DNS Management. The control panel will allow you to manage your domains and DNS records straight from your SilverRack Control Panel account.

    We're looking for a few customers to try out the control panel and provide feedback on how the DNS management performs before we release the feature into the wild. If you're interested, please send an email to support [at]

    * Update 2/19/2008 - DNS Management Console is Now Open to All Customers
  • Posted 7:58pm 14-Feb-2008 by dave
  • Discount to Ruby User's Groups
  • I'm a member of the Utah Ruby Users Group (URUG), and have always appreciated the local community of Ruby enthusiasts. I'd like to show my appreciation to all Ruby Users Groups by offering anyone who is a member of a Ruby User's Group a $10 / month discount on a 256mb plan or above. This is a great deal - you can get a sweet VPS with 256mb of memory for as little as $10 per month!
    Email support [at] with what user's group you're a member of and their website and we'll send you a discount code.
  • Posted 7:39pm 1-Feb-2008 by dave