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  • July Discount Code - Save $5 per month
  • To celebrate my favorite month of the year, we're offering a $5 monthly discount on all VPS plans, good for the life of the plan. This means you can get a 256mb VPS for only $15 per month - for as long as you own the VPS. Use the discount code "july4" to get the discount.

    And remember to be safe with the fireworks!
  • Posted 9:56pm 30-Jun-2008 by dave
  • Updated Rails Templates to Rails 2.1
  • We just finished updating the Centos and Debian w/Rails templates to include the newly released Ruby on Rails 2.1.

    If you're not familiar with our custom VPS templates, here's the short: we love Ruby and Ruby on Rails so we've pre-installed Ruby and Ruby on Rails on select VPS templates. Some nice-to-have gems are installed as well - mongrel, mysql, and rmagick. We haven't configured anything - just got you jump-started on installing your Rails stack.

  • Posted 4:22pm 1-Jun-2008 by dave