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  • Quick Rails Install Using Deprec
  • Andre Lewis wrote a blog post called deprec2: Mongrel, nginx, Rails, mysql on Ubuntu 7.1 that shows you how to get your Rails site up on a SilverRack VPS. Using Deprec and Capistrono he had his Nginx+Mongrel environment up in about 3 hours. Check out his Blog post if you're interested in getting your Rails stack up and running on a SilverRack VPS.
  • Posted 8:25am 24-Mar-2008 by dave
  • New Server - Jimco
  • SilverRack is pleased to announce the addition of another server. Keeping with the tradition of naming our servers after fast vehicles, this one is named Jimco. Like the other servers, this one is fast. He's got 2 Quad Core Intel 5405 2.0gh CPUs, 8gb of Kingston 667mhz RAM, and a nice 3Ware Raid card.

    SilverRack is always adding capacity to our VPS hosting infrastructure. We pride ourselves on keeping our servers under-utilized so that our customers will benefit from their full pwer. Jimco will help us maintain our excellent level of performance.
  • Posted 11:22pm 22-Mar-2008 by dave
  • Network Maintenance - 3/22/2008
  • We performed a kernel update and replaced a switch for some of the servers tonight. Unfortunately, the servers affected need to be rebooted. I felt bad rebooting them - one of them had 275 days of uptime!

    Everything appears to be working - but please let us know if something isn't right.
  • Posted 9:21pm 22-Mar-2008 by dave
  • Tip: DNS Management
  • It's been a few weeks since we released the DNS Management feature of the console. In this time, we've noticed a few things. After you create a Zone, you still need to add Zone Records. The Zone Records are what do the actual work - for example, they map your domain name to your IP address. So, for a quick 5 second tutorial, here's what you should do to get started:

    1. Create a new Zone for your domain name.
    2. Add 2 Zone Records. The first should have the name * and the data should be your IP address. The second zone record name should be empty, or @, and the data should be your IP address.

    Following those two steps will set your domain name (i.e. to point to your IP address.

    If you need help, please contact support. Thanks, Dave
  • Posted 9:16am 20-Mar-2008 by dave