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  • Rails Conf Discount Code
  • To celebrate Rails Conf, we're offering $5 off the monthly price of any VPS plan, for the life of the vps. This means you can get your very own SilverRack VPS for as little as $15 per month. Use the code "railsconf" to receive the discount.
  • Posted 2:10pm 28-May-2008 by dave
  • New OS Template - Ubuntu 8.04
  • We just added a new Ubuntu 8.04 i386 OS template. Like most of our other templates, this one is very minimal. This allows you to install only the software you need - and not waste your time removing unnecessary "cruft" (who needs cups anyhow?).

    New customers can select the template when signing up for a new VPS. Existing customers can erase their current VPS and choose to install the new template from the Edit menu in the control panel.

  • Posted 9:20am 23-May-2008 by dave
  • New VPS Servers - B747 and Blackbird
  • SilverRack is pleased to announce additional servers have been added to our growing infrastructure. We'd had great success since formally launching 10 months ago - we owe a big THANK YOU to our customers, past and present.

    The first new server is named B747, as in Boeing 747. The 747 has always been a favorite airplane of mine. It's big, its stable, and it does it's job very well. This server has 2 Dual Core Intel Xeon 5030 2.66ghz chips and 8gb of RAM. As always, we use 3ware RAID cards in a RAID 1 configuration.

    The next server is named Blackbird. This is after the SR-71 super-sonic spy plane popular in the cold war, which has since been retired. If you're ever in Utah, stop by the Hill Air force Museum to visit the current world record holder for a transcontinental US flight - a great looking Blackbird SR71. This server is equipped with 2 Intel Xeon Quad Core 5410 2.33ghz chips, 8gb of RAM, and as always, a 3ware RAID card.

    As always, we never oversell or over commit our servers. Each VPS enjoys a fair-share CPU burst to 100%.

    To celebrate the arrival of these servers, we've added a coupon code, "blackbird" (no quotes) good for $5 off the monthly price of any VPS plans. The $5 off will apply each month for as long as you have the VPS.

    Again, thank you again for helping make SilverRack a success.

  • Posted 4:49pm 21-May-2008 by dave
  • Post Mortum for Maintenance on 5/19/2008
  • We had a scheduled maintenance tonight. It was scheduled to last only 15 minutes. However, much to our dismay, some customers were down close to 2 hours. Here's the skinny on what took place...

    • After all the servers were moved, our data center folks switched over our IP blocks to the new rack. However, they did not do it right. Not all of the routes become available. This was remedied within a few minutes.
    • Next, server e46 would not boot. The dreaded "Operating System Not Found" message appeared. It appears that the 3ware RAID controller card failed. After a few hair-raising minutes, we took the RAID drives out of that machine, and put them into a brand new server we had on standby. Presto, e46 booted up. The customers on e46 had to deal with some extra downtime, but got a performance boost in the process (from 2 dual core Xeons to 2 quad-core Xeons).
    • Server m3 upon boot had a bad disk. This prevented the machine from booting up quickly. We replaced the bad disk in the RAID and it booted up.
    • The routing tables between our data center and our servers were not responding properly. What happened was that each customer VPS started up before the routes were in place. After the routes came up, the VPSs did not recognize the new routes, and thus were unreachable. It turned out that restarting each VPS solved the problem.

    SilverRack always takes downtime very seriously. We are not happy with the events of today. What was scheduled for 15 minutes of downtime turned into close to 2 hours. We will review our procedures and make necessary adjustments so that this does not happen again.

    Please accept our apologies. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Posted 9:06pm 19-May-2008 by dave
  • Maintenance - 5/19/2008 6pm MDT (GMT-07:00)
  • SilverRack will be performing server maintenance on Monday, May 19th at approximately 6pm Mountain Time (GMT-07:00). The maintenance will last approximately 15 minutes.

    During this maintenance, we will be doing 2 things:

    1. Moving the physical server your VPS is on to a different location within the same data center.
    2. Updating the OpenVZ kernel. This will make sure that your VPS and our servers are up-to-date and receive the necessary security patches to ensure a continued secure environment.

    Unfortunately, during this maintenance time your VPS will become unavailable. Your VPS will also be rebooted during the maintenance. Please make sure that any important services you have running are restarted automatically after the reboot.

    We will post updates on Twitter ( and the blog as to the status of the maintenance.

    We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

  • Posted 12:42pm 12-May-2008 by dave