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  • Updates - IP Addresses and More
  • Just a couple of quick notes. We've continued to work on the control panel and have fixed some stability issues. In no particular order:
    1. The snapshots functionality has been strengthened, and it's error handling enhanced so that you're not left without a server if a snapshot doesn't complete successfully.
    2. The DNS servers have had to be jump-started on occasion to get new records read properly - this has been fixed now so that the servers will be updated immediately with new records.
    3. Redundant Server Monitoring. We've added a redundant, offsite Nagios server to backup our primary Nagios server. This will ensure that our servers continue to hum along and maintain exceptional uptime.
    4. Credit card processing has been going smoothly for the last couple of months. We've brought back additional IP addresses as well. You can add an additional IP address immediately to your VPS through the control panel. Additional IPs are only $4 per month.
    5. If you're currently on PayPal payments and would like to switch to credit card billing, please email support - we'd really like everyone to switch over, but no pressure :)

    If you have any questions or comments, please email support.
  • Posted 6:43pm 28-Oct-2008 by dave