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  • New Servers and More
  • I wanted to post a quick note about a couple of things.

    First, we'd like to welcome two shiny new servers to the SilverRack family. In sticking with our naming convention (fast cars or vehicles), these two are named Cayenne and Scuderia. Both follow the same high quality hardware specs we strive for: 2x Quad Core Xeon 5410 2.33ghz CPUs, Kingston RAM, and 3Ware RAID-10 - all package in a tidy SuperMicro chassis.

    Second, I'd like to point out that we now offer credit card payments. PayPal served us well in the past, but their inflexibility was a pain (ever changed your credit card and had it cancel your subscription??). Our new credit card processing lets you be in control. We are using Braintree Payment Solutions for the processing, and relying on their secure vault for the storage of the credit card numbers. This keeps your data safe and away from prying eyes. For new customers, you'll signup using a credit card from the very beginning. For existing customers, if you'd like to convert over from PayPal, please add a credit card to your account from the control panel, and then email support. We'll take it from there.

    As always, thanks for your business.


  • Posted 2:12pm 17-Sep-2008 by dave