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  • New OS Template - Ubuntu 9.04
  • SilverRack is pleased to announce the availability of Ubuntu 9.04 as a new VPS OS choice. Like most of our other OS templates, this one is a lean and mean - no fluff. This lets you install only what you want.
    If you're an existing customer, you can choose this new template by editing any of your existing VPSs. However, be aware that changing your OS will destroy all the data on your current VPS.
    New customers can choose the Ubuntu 9.04 template at signup, and within minutes you'll have your brand new Ubuntu 9.04 based Virtual Private Server.
    To celebrate the new arrival, please use the discount code "ubuntu904" to receive $5 off your monthly hosting bill for the life of your account.
  • Posted 10:32pm 15-Aug-2009 by dave