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  • Yum on Centos 5 VPS Template
  • I'm a Centos 4 guy - I haven't quite taken the leap to 5 (why??!), and today I helped a customer with their Centos 5 VPS template. The Centos 5 template comes pretty bare-bones, without even Yum installed. So, in order to get anything done, the first order of business is to get Yum working. Here's the packages you'll need to download and install to get Yum installed on your Centos 5 VPS:
    1. wget
    2. rpm -Uvh python-elementtree-1.2.6-5.i386.rpm
    3. wget
    4. rpm -Uvh python-sqlite-1.1.7-1.2.1.i386.rpm
    5. wget
    6. rpm -Uvh rpm-python-4.4.2-37.el5.i386.rpm
    7. wget
    8. rpm -Uvh m2crypto-0.16-6.el5.1.i386.rpm
    9. wget
    10. rpm -Uvh python-urlgrabber-3.1.0-2.noarch.rpm
    11. wget
    12. rpm -Uvh yum-3.0.5-1.el5.centos.2.noarch.rpm
    If you're a customer of SilverRack and you'd like some help installing Yum on your VPS, let us know. We'll be glad to help you out.
  • Posted 7:58pm 10-Sep-2007 by dave