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Default Server Login

When your VPS is created, we setup the 'root' user and give it a password that matches your hostname that you set when signing up. You should change this immediately! If you're on Windows, we use Putty to SSH to our servers. Or, if you're away from your computer, we recommend a web based SSH client,

Default IP Tables

To offer you some protection out-of-the-box, by default we have opened only a few necessary ports to your VPS. The main ports of note that are open are 25, 80, 443, 22, 30, 53, and 110. If you want additional ports open, you'll need to manage your own IP Tables/Firewall rules. To open all ports, contact support and we'll forward ALL traffic, unfiltered, to your VPS.

Additional IP Addresses

Additional IP Addresses are available for an additional $4.00 per month each. You may order additional IP addresses at anytime through the control panel.

Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS entries are usually only needed when sending emails. If you need a reverse DNS entry for your IP Address, please contact support and supply your IP address and your hostname you want your IP to point to.

Contact Support

Something not right? Send us a note and we'll get right on it.