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What version of Linux does my VPS come with?

You may choose any of the preconfigured Linux distributions that we have during signup. Once your VPS is created, you may use a packaging tool such as yum or apt-get to install or upgrade any software you may need.

Want to experiment with different Linux distributions? Using our control panel, you can change your operating system at any time with a few clicks.

For information on each of the VPS Templates that SilverRack offers, please see VPS_OS_Templates

What can I do with a VPS?

There are plenty of things you can do with a VPS. Remember, a VPS is just like having your very own dedicated server - you have root access to install software and run pretty much anything you want. For ideas on what each plan is capable of, see our VPS Plan Ideas

Do you Oversell?

NO! All of our VPS plans come with guaranteed resources such as RAM (memory), CPU, and disk space. No other VPS can encroach on your space. This is what makes living in a VPS world so great - your perfectly crafted app is protected from someone elses poorly written one. As well as your own resource guarantees, if there are spare cycles on the CPU, you can utilize those. And to top it off, if there is free memory on the server, you can even burst to 2x your VPS plan memory amount.

Is My VPS Backed up?

YES. Your data at SilverRack is protected 3 ways. 1) We use hard drives in a RAID-1 configuration, which means that your data is always mirrored to 2 disk drives. So if one disk goes bad, there is always a backup. 2) We perform nightly backups of all of our customer's VPSs. 3) Depending on your plan, you can take advantage of our Snapshot feature to provide you with instant restore points of your server. Even with these protections, you should also keep your own backups, preferrably offsite. Good remote backup services are BQBackup and Amazon's S3.

Tell me about Your Control Panel

We have a custom control panel that you can use to do simple manage of your VPS. Thru the control panel, you can start, stop, or reboot your server. You can perform snapshots of your VPS and manage your own DNS records. The control panel also lets you change your OS template with a single click! In addition to our simple web-based control panel, you can install a fancy control panel such as DirectAdmin or cPanel if you wish - remember, your VPS is just like your own dedicated Linux server.

What Hardware Do You Use?

We pride ourselves on the quality of hardware that we use. Our current servers are Supermicro Dual CPU, Dual Core Intel XEON chips with 8gb of RAM and SATA disks. The disks are in a RAID-1 configuration, using high quality 3Ware cards. We own our hardware and have 24 hr access so that we can quickly fix any failures that may occur. You can see some performance tests done on our VPS boxes in the Performance wiki entry.

Our servers are located in a state of the art data center in Orem, UT. The datacenter is secure and under 24 hour surveillance. The facility has redundant power, cooling, and Tier 1 bandwidth to ensure that your VPS is available as much as possible.

What are Snapshots?

Snapshots allow you to immediately create a backup of your VPS. Once you have a snapshot, you can restore your VPS from that snapshot instantly. Think of them as restore points or backups. Snapshots make it easier to experiment with different software and restore your VPS to its previous condition if the software doesn't work out.
Although they are backups of your VPS, you still shouldn't rely on them as your sole backup mechanism.

Is there a long-term contract?

There are no long-term commitments or contracts with your VPS. You pay month-to-month with PayPal and may cancel at anytime. The monthly rate you signup for is good for 1 year (or longer).

What VPS Hosting Technology Do We Use?

We use OpenVZ to provide the VPS capabilites. OpenVZ is an open-source virtual private server solution. It has low-overhead so you get maximum performance on the hardware your VPS is on. Your RAM and Disk Space is gauranteed to be available. You also get burstable RAM and Swap space that is 2x your plan's RAM limit. Your CPU is on "fair-share" schedule according to your plan. You are always guaranteed a minimum amount of cycles depending on your plan. If there are spare CPU cycles and you need them, you can burst up to the full power of the VPS box. Because we don't oversell space on our servers, you're always guaranteed a good experience.

Do you offer DNS Management?

Yes. The SilverRack Control Panel allows you to manage your own zone records (A, MX, CNAME, and TXT). Simply set your domain's nameservers to and Support can also setup reverse DNS entries. If you prefer to use 3rd party nameservers, we recommend DNSMadeEasy or the free one Zoneedit

How do I cancel my VPS?

To cancel your VPS account, please send support an email. Please include your VPS IP address and the date you'd like your VPS shut off, and we'll take care of the rest.

Additional Technical Support

Please see our Help / Support section for additional technical support details about our offerings.