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Small (128mb RAM)

  • Small PHP Websites
  • Subversion (SVN) repository
  • Learn Linux Server Administration
  • Mail server (Sendmail)
  • DNS Server

Medium (256mb RAM)

  • Ruby on Rails Apps
  • Mephisto Blog (Ruby on Rails based)
  • Typo Blog (Ruby on Rails based)
  • Apache 2.2 + Mongrel Based Rails App
  • Wordpress Blog
  • Offsite Backups

Large (512mb RAM)

  • Virtual Hosting for Your Customers
  • This would be the Minimum Recommended Plan for any Java Applications
  • Tomcat with JSPs and Servlets
  • Coupled with a Medium plan as the app server, this would make a good MySQL database server

X-Large (1gb RAM)

  • High traffic websites
  • High performance MySQL instances
  • Video Streaming Websites